Transmutation of nuclear waste utilising common ducted atomic oxy-hydrogen[1].


Yull Brown, Dennis Klein and Stanley Meyer as well as many others have sublimated tungsten using a browns gas torch[2][3][4]. The boiling point of Tungsten is 5555C[5].


Commonly known as Browns gas[6] it was first described in 1966 by William A. Rhodes US Patent No. 3262872[7][8]. The electrolyzer is specifically designed not to separate the gas rather make a soup of diatomic hydrogen, monatomic hydrogen, diatomic oxygen, monatomic oxygen, water vapor and electrically expanded water. The reaction takes the water to sub-critical state 1860 times it's original volume afterwhich thermolysis takes place on the target surface. The nozzle stays cold while the arc temperature depends on the target material. Compared to electrolysis & hydrogen it takes less current to half-dissociate water, we get more heat, it burn at 2487 m/s (mach 7.5), and implodes with a 1860:1 decrease in volume[9][10][11][12][13][14]. Any leftovers breakdown through thermolysis at 2500C[15]. The burn is translating heat into fuel and fuel to heat at the very same time. Just like a forest fire.


Besides from melt stone, surgical application, fuel cells, or just welding 'common ducted atomic oxy-hydrogen gas' can be used to sublimate nuclear waste as shown in The reduction of radioactivity of Americium 241 using browns gas[1], much like the tungsten it just 'burns' away. Former state assemblyman Dan Haley from New York also made much effort bringing this to public attention.[16]


For the waste we have already created this may eliminate the danger of storage. For any future nuclear needs there shall be no need for dangerous transportation after use. Brown's Gas can neutralize radioactive waste extremely inexpensively right at the nuclear reactor. I'm convinced this may buy us the valuable time to create even cleaner nuclear power sources. Former state assemblyman Dan Haley from New York personally witnessed the suppression[16].


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Q - "Evaporation of Americium is a non-nuclear process, the evaporated atoms will stay radio-active!"
A - Transmutation was accomplished

Q - "Radioactivity was dispersed into the environment."
A - Radioactivity is not dispersed into the environment

Q - "The radioactivity must have been encapsulated in the molten matrix"
A - .Radioactivity was not encapsulated, after the sample was crushed to dust it had the verysame readings.

Q - "The radioactivity has changed because the shape had changed."
A - there was 95% reduction.

Q - "Are there any numbers of this?"
A - Former state assemblyman Dan Haley from New York witnessed the cobalt 60 Geiger counter reading drop from 1000 to 40 Reference [16]. You can also see Americium in the video under [1]


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